What is the Q3 Peer Mentorship Program?

Peer Mentors are a crucial part of the Q3 program. Peer mentors receive additional benefits and support.

What is the Q3 Peer Mentorship Program?

The peer mentorship program is designed to help students further their professional development. Students who feel as if they have the experience and knowledge to support other students will be placed in a leadership role. 

What are peer mentors responsible for?

Peer Mentors are responsible for curating an experience for students that fulfills their social and collective needs. They will be able to create a positive living environment by serving on a decision-making advisory board in order to exemplify peer-led leadership. Peer mentors will plan social activities, organize workshops, and trainings in order to benefit their students. They will be responsible for a group of 5-7 students. 

What is the benefit of being a peer mentor? 

This program gives peer mentors the experience and environment needed in order to build a stronger skill set. Peer mentors will receive program development skills, leadership skills, and project management skills. This program is based on students who are focused on their career and intend on using this program as a jumping off point. There will be leadership opportunities that can be used for resume building and letters of recommendation. Other benefits peer mentors can expect to receive discounted rent, building their credit score, and career opportunities. 

What are the qualifications needed in order to be a peer mentor?

Peer Mentors have been enrolled in college for at least one semester or have completed 15 credits during their time. Peer mentors must have a credit of 600 or higher. These students have some form of experience transitioning into college, aware of the struggles college inquires, and feel as if they can create a supportive and inclusive environment for others.

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