Background image of the Q3 College Success Student housing apartment complex.
Q3 Student-Success Student Housing

Q3 Louisville, KY

We're proud to launch our initial cohort in Louisville, KY. See how we're offering an affordable option for student housing that includes mentorship support for students in Kentucky.

Affordable Student Housing in Louisville, KY

Depending where you are in your college journey, know that we have plans to support you.

Student Housing Plus

Mentor-based programs that support academic persistence, emotional resilience and career readiness.

Students placed in teams enjoy healthy social life
Q3 Advisors live onsite to mentor students
College persistence app tracks student success

The benefits of both on and off-campus housing, without breaking the bank.

$7,200 for a 12 month lease
No student/parent credit if lease is paid upfront.
All rent can funded by financial aid

Modern apartment living, complete with traditional apartment amenities.

Fully-furnished, includes utilities and wi-fi
Pool, clubhouse and recreation space
Roommate pairing based on compatibility

Serving all local colleges and universities, including trade schools, 2-year and 4-year degrees.  

Attend any accredited institution
Close proximity to 215 HWY and 95 Freeway
Supports full-time and degree seeking students
Three female students laughing while looking at laptop that the middle one is holding while sitting on a couch in a common area.
Live. Learn. Graduate.

We view amenities differently. Live comfortably and leave prepared for success.

To College and Beyond

Compare the Benefits of Q3 Student-Success Housing with Alternatives.

Annual Cost
Mentor Support
Student Success Plan
12-Month Lease
Utilities Included
Req. Meal Plan
Renters Insurance
Credit Check
¹Nevada State College and UNLV Housing for Fall and Spring Semesters (8 Months)

Insight and news from our team.

Common Questions

Do you have to attend a particular college or university to live here?
Students can attend any campus as long as they are eligible to receive financial aid to cover the costs of housing.
Do Students need to be full-time? Part-time?
With the exception of summer semester, students need to be full-time in order to receive Financial Aid; which covers rent.
What are some of requirements students need to meet in order to stay in Q3's College-Success Student Housing?
For the safety of all tenants, students must agree to the Code of Conduct outlined within Q3's Lease Agreement. Some items listed are as follows: (1) Keeping the apartments drug and alcohol free, (2) rooms being used only for residential purposes, (3) respecting other tenants and the community, (4) quiet hours.
Am I responsible for anyone else's lease?
Students are only responsible for their own lease.
How Many Spaces are Available for Q3's College-Success Student Housing? Is there an application process?
The 2022-2023 school year will open with (50) students. In the 2023-2024 school year, we will open with 330 spaces available. Application for enrollment will include items such as; 1) is the student is enrolled in a local college, 2) are able to cover housing costs, and 3) if they can benefit from the program. Students selected will have an enrollment application that includes their lease agreement, securing federal financial aid, and other terms and conditions.
Are Meal Plans offered at Q3's College-Success Student Housing?
While meal plans are not required or offered as part of the Q3's College-Success Housing, students will be provided life-skills training on health and nutrition and how to cost effectively maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
Are we allowed to choose our own roommates?
Yes! Students can request another applicant as a roommate or we can help pair you with one!