How Community Can Positively Impact You

Having a sense of community is important for the growth and wellbeing of everyone.

How Community Can Positively Impact You

We are all a part of some community. This community can be social, cultural, professional, etc. People tend to turn to the different communities they identify with to find comfort, support and seek advice. Community is essential in all aspects of life, especially professionally and school-wise. A sense of belonging helps students feel secure and have a stronger sense of self. This directly impacts a student’s psychological and social development. Without community, students can feel isolated, misunderstood, and forgotten. 

When there is a community for students to immerse themselves in, they feel that sense of belonging. Having this safe space connects students. Students can then reach out to each other and other people who contribute to that community, such as teachers and mentors. This promotes collaboration and increases learning opportunities for students. Students now have a place where the other inhabitants of that community face or have faced the same trials as them. They can look to their community for strength and encouragement or advice and guidance. 

Q3’s mission is to provide students with this type of community to benefit their future professional careers in many ways. Q3 gives students the tools necessary to problem solve and collaborate with their peers, seek out guidance from mentors and connect with career professionals. It is important to curate an environment where students can build this community explicitly designed for them. A student’s journey is a unique experience, which requires specific needs to be met for each student. 

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