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Q3 Student-Success Housing

Q3 Student Partners has designed an integrated, mentor-based student support model that serves multiple campuses in a metropolitan area. Students attending different colleges and universities live and study together in modern apartments while receiving support on academic, physiological, emotional and professional development.

The Algebra of College Success

We Believe All Students
Can Experience
Exponential Growth

Intellectual Quotient (IQ)
Mentors helping students persist academically so they graduate on time.
Emotional Quotient (EQ)
Co-living spaces so students feel like they belong, essential for resilience during college years.
Financial Quotient (FQ)
Internships and work-study programs so students are ready for high paying, professional careers.

Why It Matters...

Less than 10% of First-Generation, Low-Income Students graduate from college within six years.

Students are graduating from high school at record-high rates, but are stepping off the graduation platform onto an economic and social abyss. There are a few coordinated efforts to bridge the gap from 12th and "13th" grade, let alone to close the wide gap students face in launching professional careers.

For students who enter college, there are many academic and social challenges that can prevent them from graduating and obtaining high-paying jobs. Students tend to experience an immense cultural and psychological shift that can affect academics, emotional health and college completion. When students fail to launch and graduate into professional careers, it only perpetuates the transfer of poverty among generations in an economy that demands highly skilled and educated workers.

University housing costs are so high that many students choose to live at home. Home life often causes students to be distracted from college school work and place additional stress on young students.

Studies indicate that stable student housing is central to academic and personal success in college. Q3 Student Partners has designed an integrated, mentor-based student support model that allows students from different colleges and universities to live together to build resilience, gain emotional balance and plan for academic and employment success.

Students return from their various campuses each day to a highly supportive environment centered on academic, physiological, emotional, and professional development. This nexus of environmental, academic, and social support will help ensure students progress from High School, through College to Career.

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