Who We Are

Q3 is a Social Impact Venture that Aims to Bridge the Gap from Education to Employment.

Q3’s unique Student-Success Housing provides college students with needed mentors while living in affordable, purpose-built apartments.

The Q3 Way

Our History

Wanting to increase the completion rate of first-generation, low-income students, Q3 Student Partners launched a pilot program with its initial cohort of first-generation college students in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The "Q3 Model" approached student support differently by combining student housing and mentorship programs.

In 2017, local partners scaled the Q3 model to include students attending multiple campuses; such as the University of Utah, Salt Lake Community College, and Westminster College.
"Often times, kids don’t feel like they can do it; that they can make it. College is kind of put in the backseat."
Tammy, High School Counselor

Our Approach

The Q3 Model encompasses:

Student-Success Housing:
bridge the gap from family life to college life so students can learn and grow independently.

Mentor Support: bridge the experience gap to help students build confidence overcoming hurdles inherent to college life.

Life-Skills Training: bridge the skills gap to help students learn essential strategies for self-reliance both in college and post-college life.

Professional Placement: bridge the gap from graduation to employment through career counseling and placement in enriching internships.
"Mentoring is so important because everyone needs, not only a role model, but someone who can guide them."
Taelor, Program Mentor

Our Impact

In the initial and subsequent research cohorts, the completion rate for students was over 90%, regardless of college campus, with most students successfully launching professional careers after graduation.

Based on student outcomes, Q3 is now expanding the program to over 1,600 students, incorporating the same fundamentals that led to earlier success among first-generation college students.
“We provide the [resources] that will boost the physiological and psychological health of students.”
Sampson, Q3 Associate
Meet the Q3 Team

Focused on Making an Impact, One Student at a Time