From Classroom to Career

Frida had the determination to do something different. See her experience as she navigates through college and lands her career of choice as part of Q3's initial student cohort.

The Algebra of Student Success

Info graphic highlighting the three q's of Q3: Financial, Emotional, and Intellectual

We Believe All Students
Can Experience
Exponential Growth

Intellectual Quotient
Mentors helping students persist academically so they graduate on time.
Emotional Quotient
Co-living spaces so students have a sense of belonging which is essential for resilience during college years.
Financial Quotient
Internships and work-study programs so students are ready for high paying, professional careers.

Mentoring Program

Q3's rent is below the regional one-bedroom apartment and dorm rates for comparable on-campus housing.

30-40% more affordable than comparable student housing
No student or parent credit required
Student financial aid accepted

Q3's definition of success is when students graduate and launch satisfying professional careers.

Internships help students solidify career choice
Professional learning makes students career ready

Mentor-based programs that support academic persistence, emotional resilience and career readiness.

Student teams enjoy a healthier social life
Q3 Advisors live onsite to mentor students
Personalized coaching and mobile app enhance
student success

Mentors and outside professionals conduct monthly Life-Skills trainings to assist in both academic and professional planning in a variey of topics.

Time Management
Personal Financial Management
Emotional Self-Regulation, Health & Wellness
Info graphic showing the five elements of Q3 College Success Student Housing's wrap around support.
Background image of a rendering of the Q3 College Success Student Housing apartments

"[This] is important to me as both an educator and a first- generation college student, because it will provide students with the support they need to be successful."

Teacher, Rancho High School
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